Chiropractic Testimonials

"I had a frozen shoulder with almost no range of motion. I couldn't even put a shirt on using that arm. Dr. Johnson, through his skill, patience and innovation, helped me reach my goal of being able to "Swim"! I'm so glad not to have to have shots that treated the symptoms rather than cure the problem. Thanks to you!"

- Elaine C.

"Dr. Johnson, This is the first time ever with that kind of pressure and that bad of a headache that I haven't had to take 4 Advil and go to bed early! Whatever you did fixed it!"

- Georgia L.

"Well, well- I came to your office with Back and Neck pain. Getting in and out of the car was a real trip. After 15 or so visits, I felt MUCH better with getting in and out of the car without pain. My walking is better and with the exercises, I feel stronger in my back and legs."

- Bill F.

"I had SEVERE pain in right lower back and pain going down right leg for about a year. I had been to Dr.'s and taken so many pain pills and X-rays, with hardly any relief from the pain. I went to Dr. Johnson at Tuckahoe Chiropractic, after the first alignment, I could see a BIG difference. After a couple more alignments, I was still Pain Free. I would recommend anyone with back pain or leg pain to go see Dr. Johnson for a consultation and treatment. You will have a lot better life pain free. I know I am pain free. Thank you for caring Dr. Johnson!"

- John C.

"I would recommend Tuckahoe Chiropractic to all my family and friends. Primarily, in a nutshell, it works. I am not completely pain free, but well on my way. But with Dr. Johnson, it goes so much further. He is a kind-hearted person who really believes in what he is doing. The whole office encompasses the feeling of wellness, which is contagious. Beginning with informative videos and a complete physical workup, he then proceeds to explain everything (in layman's terms) and forms a treatment plan that works. he listens and really cares. That does not happen often in the medical field these days. The office is cozy and encouraging, with wall hangings, plants and soothing music. The icing on the cake is Sam, Dr. Johnson's assistant. She always greets you with a smile, works hard to work with your schedule, and, like Dr. Johnson, really cares. I feel very fortunate that a friend recommended Tuckahoe Chiropractic. And even though I have moved much further away, I plan on making the trip to continue my care."

- Lynn F.

"I was always skeptical of chiropractors, but since I've been seeing Dr. Johnson, I've changed my whole attitude. He has a great personality and has done me an enormous lot of good. I have recommended him to several people. I will probably keep seeing him in the future!"

- Ann T.

"Dr. Johnson is an honest Christian man. He evaluated me first to see what the problem was and took X-Rays. The he sits you down and explains everything very clearly on what your problem is and suggests a treatment plan. After several visits, you get re-evaluated to see how your progress is going and if you need any changes made. This he explains in great detail. If you have a question, Dr. Johnson always takes the time to talk to you. His secretary "Sam" is very helpful, considerate and a nice Christian lady. I would recommend Dr. Johnson to anyone!"

- James H.


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